Choosing your surgeon

How to choose your surgeon

Choosing a surgeon for you is a highly personal and considered choice. Unfortunately any doctor can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon and some even call themselves plastic surgeons. Dr Mark Lee is a fully qualified specialist plastic and reconstructive surgeon and a Member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr Mark Lee has taken no short cuts in his training, and therefore will take no short cuts in your surgery.

Plastic surgery is the area of medicine that deals with reconstruction of damaged parts of the body. Plastic Surgeons are trained to reconstruct areas damaged by cancer, trauma or congenital deformity. The techniques and training used in reconstruction have evolved to rejuvenate and enhance “normal” patients with cosmetic procedures. The boundaries between cosmetic surgery and reconstruction are often blurred.

Some people age “well” and others look tired or “angry”. Is a breast enlargement for a woman with very small breasts reconstructive or cosmetic? Is surgery on a child with “bat” ears, who is being teased in the playground, cosmetic or reconstructive? Dr Mark Lee spends time with you during your consultation to help you make an educated and informed choice on the surgery options available to you, whether these are reconstructive or cosmetic.

When choosing a surgeon, you should take into consideration the following:

1. The surgeon should be a Member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons.

2. The surgeon should have been in practice for many years with a specialisation in the procedure you have chosen.

3. You should feel comfortable with your surgeon, and have developed a trusted relationship during your initial consultation.

4. The hospital where the surgery is being performed should be reputable with up to date equipment.

5. Your surgeon cannot “guarantee results” however, they should be able to show you before and after imagery of previous successful completed operations to assist you with your decision.

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