Wrinkle Relaxers


Wrinkle Relaxers

Many facial wrinkles occur when we use our facial muscles to make repeated facial expressions. Wrinkle relaxers can be used to relax specific facial muscles that cause expression lines. Once the muscles are relaxed you cannot contract them. The lines gradually smooth and new lines are prevented from forming.

Wrinkle relaxers are administered by a few tiny injections under the skin.  The entire process only takes a few minutes, depending upon the number of areas being injected. The entire process is relatively pain-free, most patients only experiencing a slight sting during the time of injection.

Wrinkle relaxers can be used in a variety of locations on the body, ranging from the forehead and surrounding area around the eye to décolletage lines between the breasts, making it a great option for most problem areas you may have.

The use of wrinkle relaxers in cosmetic procedures is extremely safe. The amount required in procedures is 600 times less than what would be required to cause serious illness. Such a small dosage makes this substance less toxic than many other common household medications, even paracetamol.

The effect of wrinkle relaxers can last for up to 3 months before lines slowly begin to return.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does a nurse or doctor perform the injections?

Our Registered Nurse Alex performs the injections. Alex is an experienced nurse injector who is fully accredited by such companies as Allergan.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes. You are welcome to make an obligation free appointment to meet with Alex to discuss your concerns and the treatments that you are interested in. Alex will take a full medical history where your skin can be assessed. A treatment program that’s tailored specifically to you can then be recommended.

Call our friendly staff on 9382 3340 to book your free one on one consultation.

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