WA’s World-First Blood Test to Detect Deadly Melanomas
Often referred to as “Australia’s national cancer”, melanoma is the third most common cancer in Australian men and women with 13, 941 new cases reported in 2017 alone. Five...
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Cosmetic Tourism Dangers
For some it may appear cheaper to travel overseas for cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures; and the idea of an overseas holiday combined with your procedure can seem ideal....
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Say goodbye to ingrown hair & hot wax burns with IPL
The entire human body is covered in hair. While most of the time hair is fine and not overly noticeable, many of us, both men and women, have darker...
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High Tech Hair Removal
The world of high-tech hair removal procedures has been booming for some time now and the popularity of these treatments is set to grow with continuous advances in technology....
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Many benefits from ‘scarless’ breast reconstruction technique
Dr Mark Lee’s innovative approach to breast reconstruction can be a less confronting option for women. Mark has been working to reduce scarring in breast reconstruction in the hope...
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Frankie Two Years Old, Parents Discovered Rare Melanoma, Daily Mail 13th October 2014
One in five million: Frankie was just two years old when her parents discovered she had a melanoma … and now she may have to undergo tests for the...
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