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The Rise of Subtle Face Lifts
Decades ago, Face Lifts were considered an extreme surgical procedure, often associated with the ‘Hollywood-gone-bad’ look. However, new techniques have brought the face lift back in vogue. With less...
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At home vs in-clinic IPL, which is best?
At home IPL devices have become increasingly popular, with countless Instagram influencers now spruiking them, but do they really work and do you know the possible risks? Firstly, we...
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Mark Lee presents at renowned Plastic Surgery conferences
Dr Mark Lee was privileged to speak on the topic of breast implant illness and breast explant surgery at the world’s largest plastic surgery meeting in San Diego, California...
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Ask your doctor: Should I consider Breast Reconstruction Surgery?
The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) launched Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day Australia in 2013 to raise awareness about breast reconstruction so all women, no matter where they...
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Reducing infection risk and improving breast implant outcomes with the 14-point plan
The most important outcome for Dr Lee and his team is ensuring the safety and quality of procedures for all our patients. This information is for our breast enlargement...
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How to self-monitor your breast implants
Dr Lee provides you with thorough instructions on post-operative care, which is critical to ensure your overall wellness and optimise the outcomes of your procedure. Tips for self-monitoring Get...
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