Breast enlargement

Breast Enlargement

Most of our breast augmentation patients come to Dr Mark Lee well educated as to the variation of implant type, shape and fill and also different scar positions for insertion.

Our philosophy is to:
  • Provide safe surgery and minimise long term problems
  • Tailor breast implant size to produce breasts in harmony with height and hip size
  • Allow patients to “try on” different breast implant sizes
  • Avoid infection and bad scarring at all costs
  • Day surgery without drains
  • Excellent post operation pain control
  • Early return to work and exercise

Many of our patients request scars placed in the armpit. We often point out, however, that Australian women spend a large part of the year in singlets, therefore exposing the armpits. In this age of “extreme makeovers” many people are aware what armpit scars denote and therefore you may wish to consider other options. A perfectly placed scar in the inframammary crease is barely visible.

It is helpful to come to your breast enlargement consultation with some idea of the size you would like to be.  One helpful hint is to find a before and after photo of a woman with similar body shape and breast size.

We use both Mentor and Silimed implants.  You may find this website useful in learning more about the variations in available implants –

The following breast enlargement procedures are available:
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Implants
  • Augmentation Mastopexy
  • Transaxillary Breast Augmentation
  • Periareolar Breast Augmentation
  • Tuberous Breast Reconstruction
  • Poland’s Syndrome Reconstruction

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