Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Reduction of large breasts can be a life changing operation. Women that undergo a breast reduction procedure experience reduced back ache and neck pain, find exercising more comfortable and can wear clothes that they could not previously consider wearing. Traditional breast reduction techniques have often produced flat wide breasts with a lot of scarring.

Our philosophy is to reduce the scar size where possible (even limited to just around the nipple), and to produce breasts with an improved shape and projection. We aim to achieve a breast size and shape in balance and harmony with a woman’s height and body shape.

The following breast reduction procedures are available:
  • Short Scar Breast Reduction
  • Periareolar Breast Reduction
  • Anchor Scar Breast Reduction
  • Vertical Scar Breast Reduction
  • Superomedial Pedicle Breast Reduction
  • Mastopexy

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