Prominent ear surgery

Prominent Ear Surgery (otoplasty)

A simple ear surgery can make a worthwhile and enormous difference to an individual’s self-esteem. Many of my patients are adults who have “always wanted” their ears pinned through surgery.

Prominent ears are due to a congenital failure of the ear to fold properly and therefore the ear doesn’t have a normal second (antihelix) fold. We consider this ear surgery as much a reconstructive procedure as a cosmetic one. As with many aspects of plastic surgery this blurs the line between reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

Our aim is to produce natural looking ears by reshaping the ear cartilage, not simply pinning the ears back.

For children the ideal time to operate is usually in the first few years of school, and many patients book for the school holidays.

The following ear surgery procedures are available:
  • Open Otoplasty
  • Closed Otoplasty
  • Suture Otoplasty
  • Conchal Bowl Reduction

For additional information on ear surgery options suitable for you or your child, or a quote please email us.

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